Cost of Dental Procedures in Jarabacoa, La Vega, Dominican Republic.

Affordable Dentistry in Jarabacoa, La Vega, Dominican Republic, patients from USA and Canada can save up to 50% of
what they would pay back home.
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First Visit – Diagnosis – X-rays $100

Cleaning US$100


Bonding US$60

Silver Filling Replacement US$80

Porcelain Crowns US$400

Zirconia CrownsUS$450

Pin, Post or Build up for dental crowns US$100

Dental Bridge (3 unit)$1200

Dental Implant US$700

Single Dental Implant (one tooth complete with crown) $1,200

2 implants + 3 Unit Porcelain Bridge US$2,900

Dental Implant + extraction US$900

Dental Crown + abutment for implant $500

Full Porcelain Bridge 10-12 pieces hold by 6 implants US$11,000

Full Porcelain Bridge 10-12 pieces hold by 8 implants US$13,000

Overdenture (removable lower jaw denture hold by 2 implants) US$2,900

Overdenture (removable upper jaw denture hold by 4 implants) US$5,300

Full Removable Dentures $500

Whitening US$300

Single Surgical Extraction $100

Wisdom Tooth Extraction $150

Impacted Wisdom tooth extraction $200

Mouth guard $150